GroupMinder - Making group travel easy

A web-based group travel software application, GroupMinder functions both as an in-house and online reservation system. The in-house, or Intranet, component manages customer, vendor, and reservations data that are input by your agents, while the online, or Internet, component allows your customers to independently book travel packages from your website.

GroupMinder - Making group travel easy

The Intranet, which forms the functional core of the system, makes it possible for your company to efficiently manage its customers and vendors by enabling users to create and send e-brochures; make and modify reservations; process payments; e-mail acknowledgments; and generate reports — all in a straightforward manner.

The Internet component, through the fusion of GroupMinder's reservation system with your company's web site, allows prospective customers to view and book travel packages on-line. A clean, crisp presentation — complete with page-by-page instructions and pop-up boxes that highlight package features — creates an easy-to-follow booking format, which in turn, produces immediate efficiencies for your company. Namely, clients can reserve a travel package, have their credit card processed, and receive an instant acknowledgment... all with no intervention from your staff.

Groupminder's principal functionality includes:

Detailed Customer Profile & Travel History GroupMinder stores and tracks detailed client information for both households and individual household members. This includes multiple addresses and phone numbers, personal data (birth dates, anniversary, etc.), credit card information, personal preferences (non-smoking room, window seat), travel interests, mailing history, trip history, and much more.

GroupMinder can be set up in just a matter of hours, even at multiple company sites — and, with no special hardware requirements. Just get online, and GroupMinder is at your fingertips — for use at the office, home or an on-site venue.

GMbasic - Forms the internal core of the system and enables you to collect and store customer profiles, send marketing e-mails, enter and manage reservations, process credit card payments and run reports.
GMplus - In addition to all of the GMbasic features, you'll get the web booking engine that allows your customers to: seamlessly move from your company web site to groupminder's booking pages; make a reservation; enter a payment and receive an e-mail confirmation.
What does groupminder cost?

License Fee
Choose a monthly payment plan based on your average number of annual travelers.
Annual Travelers Monthly Cost
up to 500 $150
501 to 2,000 $300
2,000 to 5,000 $500
5,001 to 10,000 $750

NOTE: If you exceed the Annual Traveler allotment for your selected plan, an additional fee of $3 per traveler will apply.

What's included in the cost?
All groupminder plans include:
  • Training for up to (3) administrators
  • Unlimited support with completion of administrator training
  • Free Online Credit Card processing Interface (with selected processors)
  • On-going System Upgrades

Some restrictions may apply. Large or complex operations with more than 10,000 travelers per year, more than ten branch offices and/or multiple brands may require custom pricing. All prices are subject to change without notice.

The GroupMinder Application has been developed using the latest programming languages and platform protocols.

Programming Languages
Eight programming languages are used in GroupMinder

Hosting Platform
GroupMinder is hosted by which has several Cisco Certified data centers in the US. Hostek's fault-tolerant infrastructure features N+1 redundancy to avoid service disruption. To ensure maximum redundancy and uptime, Hostek capabilities further include:

Server Platform
GroupMinder uses two cloud high availability servers, one for hosting the application (“application server”) and the other for database storage (“database server”). This separation helps minimize server load and shorten response time. The servers have been optimized to accommodate periods of high resource demand.

Both servers run Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 64-bit “Advanced Server.” Additional applications have been limited to ensure maximum reliability and minimum conflicts (ColdFusion 2016 to the “application” server and MS SQL Server 2014 to the “database server”).

Client Platform
For the most efficient operation of the GroupMinder application, Group Travel Technologies recommends the following:

Database Platform
For its database platform, GroupMinder uses Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard edition, a powerful database system that maximizes system availability, scalability, speed and security.

GroupMinder has been designed with seven key issues in mind:

In order to shorten download times, both portals have been designed with a minimum of graphical embellishments. Client computers accessing these portals should use a major browser (IE, Chrome, FireFox, Safari). Browser cannot be more than one generation old.
All major browsers (IE, Chrome, FireFox, Safari) can be used. Browser should not be more than one generation old.